Kyle Bass: Protecting His Bets?

It is no secret that Kyle Bass likes to make money from the short sell. This is how he made his initial fortune in 2008, by short-selling the American sub-prime housing market. This made him famous, as many other financiers didn’t consider this a savvy investment option; but Bass apparently knew better.

Kyle Bass comes from Argentina, where he regularly supports the efforts of one Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. De Kirchner functions as a socialist, and Bass never descries her actions, even when she defaults the economy. Twice. In only thirteen years. If that doesn’t make a non-socialist economist suspicious, nothing will. But Bass definitely seems to come from this economic camp. Not many people realize that Karl Marx himself was an economist; so the idea of manipulating global markets through banking operations and investments is central to socialistic ideal. The end game is a single global system with a single global elite ruling everyone. That’s not how a socialist would put it, but that’s the logical implication of a successful implementation of their “global revolution of the proletariat” design. And Kyle Bass follows this pattern, attacking big, established economic powers for profit.

Most recently, Kyle Bass has set his sights on China, as Useful Stooges reports. Toward the end of the fourth quarter in 2015, Bass started predicting that China’s debt bubble was reaching the limits of its tensile strength, and would implode within the following three years. Through the first quarter of 2016, Bass was predicting this collapse would come by the end of the year. He later began to tone back his rhetoric, saying he didn’t expect China to have a “Lehman Brothers” moment. Bass said there’s a 40 to 50 percent chance of this recession hitting China, and thereby the US, by year’s end. According to Bass’ projections, this could effect the US economy, dropping it by around 20%.

Could Bass be working from a socialist ideal to push China into a devaluation of their currency in order that his own investments be made fruitful? Well, given his past of short-selling, such strategy would not be anything foreign to him.

Adam Goldenberg: A Man Who Offers a Platform for Fashion

Fashion is an important part of every culture. One of the features of fashion is that it allows people to find something unique that they like. They are also able to find their own style. However, it takes leadership and staff in order to provide the platform for people to be able to pick out their outfits. Among the CEOs of clothing stores is Adam Goldenberg, the co-CEO of JustFab. JustFab provides a lot of unique and well fitted pieces of clothing that people can enjoy. There are also plenty of options that the retail business offers for people to take advantage of.

Adam Goldenberg is not just passionate about fashion, he is also very knowledgeable about the logistics that go into running a business. He knows how the type of adjustments to make so that he can adapt to the changing markets. He also knows to take a look at the numbers on a daily basis. Adam Goldenberg and his crew are involved with all of the analysis of every factor that goes into the success of the business. He always finds a weakness in his business and works on making the necessary adjustments needed to improve the business.

One very important aspect of Adam Goldenberg’s business is that he focuses a lot on what the customer wants. They pay a lot of attention to the feedback of customers as well. For one thing, if he sees that customers are not buying a certain product, then he is going to make the adjustments necessary so that the product will sell. For instance, there are products like sunglasses that customers are only willing to pay a minimal amount for. When he has seen that those are not selling, Adam Goldenberg has lowered the price for the product in order to see if the customers are willing to buy it.

One thing that he understands is that it is important that the customer likes the products that a store is selling. If the customer does not like the product, he is not going to shop at the store anymore. JustFab’s regard for customers is what makes them a successful and growing company. See:

You Reap What You Sew: Lessons From the Kabbalah Centre

Have you ever had something really horrible happen to you, then wonder at time if it was someone else’s fault? It’s sort of a trick question. We have all been there. At the time the appropriate response is usually “What have I done to deserve this?”

After some time, you realize that this is not the right question to ask. What you have to start asking is why it did happen to you. Which brings us to one of the central themes of the spiritual path called Kabbalah. Many have studied it, my self included.

When you start to examine your life and it’s direction, you will realize that everything happens for a reason. There is nothing happening out of order. Kabbalah teaches us that our own lives all offer a central them in the universe. What we put out will ultimately come back to you, in one or another.

Say you cause ill will with someone, even hoping that they somehow perish in a negative way. This voice will echo out into the universe and come back to the person who thought it to begin with.

Kabbalah tries to teach us to harness all the positive energy we can and put it out. Something as simple as paying a bill for someone is going to come back to the person in a positive fashion.

Sounds simple right?

There’s a catch. In Kabbalah we learn that you have to have genuine concern going on. In other words, doing something for the sake of getting something in return is not going to fly. You have to share for the sake of sharing. You have to offer help to someone without expecting anything in return.

This is where it gets difficult for many people. Most people expect to get something in return. Most people today do not do something for nothing. Which brings us to the main central theme of Kabbalah once more.

The idea of cause and effect.

Doing something for nothing is all part of it. If you help out someone for the sake of sharing and nothing more, this energy will vibrate positively through the universe. If you do just the opposite, than the opposite is going to happen.

Remember, positive energy begets positive energy. Negative energy begets negative energy. If it was a matter of fate, than which one would you pick?

If you want to learn more about these very principles in Kabbalah, than visit us online.

Find more about the Kabbalah Centre here.

Securus Has Created A Better Video Call Network

Securus is a great app that I have been using for a couple weeks because I just had to see my sister. I discovered this app from reading PR Newswire’s articles. The trouble is that she is in jail halfway across the country. I wanted to be able to have a face to face conversation with my sister, and that is what Securus [see,] has provided. They have put in all the cameras and the technology, and they have produced an app that is easy to use. I taught my kids how to use this app so that they can check in with their fun aunt, and we are all talking to her once a week on one call.

I have been really happy with the way that Securus app works, and I wanted to be sure that I could chat with her without any real worries. The chats that we have are a lot of fun, and I can see that she is still feeling well. I can always help her when she is not feeling well, and being able to see her on the video call is really nice. It helps to be able to talk to her, and I can just turn on the app when I am ready.

We are always ready to talk, and sometimes I just get the whole family ready to go so that we can talk. We can all sit around to see her, and we can have real chats without actually having to go to the jail. It is way too far for the kids to travel, and we still get to see my sister. I have felt very good about the way that this works, and I have gotten the whole family in on the act. We just pick my sister in the app, and we have her on camera quickly.

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Events at the Tarallucci e Vino

The Charlie Bird in Soho is best known for its delicious Italian-American meals. You can order homemade spaghetti or pasta. But what is most unique about this restaurant is the music. This restaurant plays tunes from Snoop Dogg and Jay Z. Plus, there are boom box prints on the walls. You can also get a private dining room if you have more than ten guests.

The Spotted Pig in West Village have the best french fries in New York. This restaurant is known for its brunches, a chic combination of lunch and breakfast. Besides the good food, you can almost be guaranteed a private room for a large party, which would be beneficial when New York’s winters hit the area.

The Tarallucci e Vino is a private event space in Union Square. This private event space can be used for any occasion, whether for a wedding reception or a baby shower. It can house up to eighty people. This event space contains sophisticated furnitures such as a bar, lounge area, tables, mirrors, and a wine cellar. It also has a beautiful artistic vibe due to the artworks on the walls. The Tarallucci e Vino is definitely perfect for any event and can fit your needs.