Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Revolutionizes Leisure And Fun In Joao Pessoa

In the city of Joao Pessoa, Roberto Santiago ranks as one of the most outstanding businessmen. The executive is known across Brazil for his unmatched business acumen. His outstanding businesses strategies are visible through his investments such as Manaira Shopping mall, the largest shopping mall in the state of Paraiba. The property is located near Joao Pessoa’s north coast. Its location and designs are credited for its success in the competitive shopping mall industry.

Roberto has made leisure and fun the corner stone of Maniara Shopping Mall’s businesses. He focuses on ensuring that everyone who visits the mall leaves happier than he or she entered. The mall has been carefully designed. It includes eleven movie theaters, electronic amusement park, food outlets, a concert hall, and a favorable environment.

The mall’s eleven movie theatres are fitted with some of the most modern cinematic projection technology. Clients can enjoy all the latest 3D and 2D movies from around the world. The cinema rooms have many seats, which are arranged using the stadium system. According to Roberto, the arrangement ensures that every client can enjoy his or her view of the screen regardless of where he or she is seated in the theaters.

Gaming lovers should make a point of visiting Manaira Shopping’s electronic amusement park. The section, which sits on a large floor area, has over 200 gaming machines. The mall has sourced the machines from various gaming companies to ensure that every client’s gaming needs is met regardless of his age or gender. This electronic amusement park is one of its kinds in Brazil and attracts thousands of gamers every week.

Another facility that attracts thousands of people to Manaira Shopping mall is Domus Hall, the largest concert hall in Paraiba State and one of the largest in the country. The hall, which is located on the mall’s rooftop, has a capacity of ten thousand standing revelers and five thousand seated guests. This makes it ideal for public events such s graduations, fairs, presentations, mega shows, stand-ups, and wedding. The hall has private cabins where guests can relax during events.

Food lovers can also enjoy the delicious cuisines available at the mall’s food outlets. These cuisines are carefully selected from around the world to cater for the varying tastes of its customers. The presence of these outlets ensures that the visitors do not leave their fun activities to look for meals elsewhere.

In addition, Manaira Shopping mall is a center of education. The mall hosts several colleges. Moreover, school children often visit the mall to learn about various fields and cultures at the exhibitions. These visits provide the children with lasting knowledge on different products and services in the market. The reputation of the mall continues to attract many people from different parts of the globe.


Eric Pulier, a Famous Writer

Eric Pulier is a famous writer, journalist, technology expert and a great World entrepreneur. He was raised in a town called Teaneck in New Jersey. During his high schools days, he had passion in computers programming and even went fourth to start a company that did data base activities. In the year 1984, he joined one of the most prestigious university in the World: Havard University. He did American literature and English. He also started writing for The Havard Crimson and became a famous editor for that school. At Havard, he still attended classes at MIT and graduated in the year 1988. He is a great scholar and has a very good education background.

Eric Pulier in 1991 left for Los Angeles and established a company called People Doing Things or rather PDT. Through the use of technology, the company addressed the issues of health and education. He did very well and in the year 1994, he founded a company called Interactive agency.In 1998 the company later merged with US interactive in the year 1998 and Pulier merged the company to form a great organization. He was also on the frontline towards forming US Starbright World. This is a social network for children suffering from chronic diseases. He formed a social network where children who suffer from chronic diseases can interact freely. They also get a chance to post content, chat, a blog with other people who share such experiences.

Eric Pulier in the year 1997 was also selected during the Presidential inaugural committee for Technology exhibition in the greatest city, Washington DC. He also participates and supports Clinton Global Initiative. He is also the founder of Media Platform, Desktone, Akana and many other companies in the World. He has also been an active venture capitalist and a father of four active children. He is also a great philanthropist and has been on the frontline helping people suffering from diseases. He is a very active person and has used his resources towards helping people live better lives. He has what it takes towards taking the world to another level. He has come from a humble backyard and there there was that great desire to help the less fortunate in the society. He has also proved to be a great manager with great business startup skills. His art of running businesses is purely from passion, hard work and pure dedication. Success and hard work in him are inseparable.

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Aloha Construction; a Leader in the Roofing, Siding, and Gutter works

Today, owing to the drastic changes in the construction industry, many cities have been transformed from pathetic status to a state-of-art setting. Due to this, many companies have been established to fill in the empty market in some regions or grab a share of the already populated market for the brave ones. According to stats, in the US, the construction plays a significant role when it comes to dictating the state of the economy.From a professional’s perspective, today the building industry acts as a source of income to thousands of individuals which mean a top up in the taxes. The reason as to why the sector remains a top employer is because most of the jobs require little or no experience at all. Besides, over and over again the need for new or refurbished housing keeps rising in line with population growth or trends.For the likes of Aloha Construction, business has always felt the same regardless of the timing. Many would argue that the company happens to be lucky and survive the up and downs of the competitive sector.

However, on doing a shallow research on the company’s way of operation, one is likely to understand the reason as to why Aloha Construction manages to survive all along. First, Aloha Construction recognized the need for specialization of services. Hence, the Lake Zurich based company specializes in roofing, siding, and gutter works which make it stand out in the crowd as it concentrates more on the few areas of specialization. Besides, Aloha Construction carries out repair and maintenance services, a line of duty that many construction firms tend to ignore.Professionals often say it can be easy to get to the top of the game for any venture. However, to maintain that high rank, it requires the trust of clients otherwise everything goes south. Aloha Construction is among the best construction companies that understand the importance of customers and hence remain truthful to the services it provides. When not working on new projects, the company is usually busy enlightening the people on how to make their housing experience amazing.

Not long ago, the construction company shared a few tips on how clients can keep their dogs safe during a renovation. Aloha Construction understands how important a dog can be to any family. Therefore, as a member of the household, it should be protected at all cost during a renovation. It is advisable to monitor a dog during a renewal period carefully.We all understand that dogs are accustomed to the particular routine and since the repairs may affect the routine, Aloha Company advocates that clients should avoid in the best way possible messing it. Instead, Aloha suggests that customers introduce some distraction activities that will pull the dogs away from the areas of renovation. For example, outdoor activities such as swimming and hiking together with the dog would greatly help it in adapting to new routines easily.