Cambria Estate Winery: Leading By Example

Julia JacksonOne of the best things you can do for someone is to teach them, instead of doing for them. This method may sound a bit mad if you don’t understand the underlying principle. Like the old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” or “teach a man to fish and he’ll never starve,” has a hidden message. This was how wine producer Jess Jackson looked at life, and he implemented this logic into his family members. The Jackson family of Jackson Family Wines is the topic of choice. It has wineries in South Africa, Australia, Oregon (USA), France, Chile and in California (USA). This is a family owned and operated business, which goes back to those old sayings above.Cambria Estate Winery was founded in 1987 by Barbara Banke, widow of Jess Jackson.

Julia JacksonBarbara’s adult children operates Jackson family Wines, which is under Cambria Estate Winery. It produces Merlot, Champagne, Chardonnay, Sauvignons and Pinot Noir. One of its best wines is Clone 4 Pinot Noir, and it is a mixture of grapes, pomegranates, cinnamon and cherries. For introducing these drinks to untapped markets, the company’s international sales team travels abroad on a regular basis.  Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter of Jess and Barbara, is the proprietor and a representative of the company. Julia is very accomplished with a B.A. in Studio Art from Scripps College, had a past professional modeling career and owns in-depth knowledge of the French culture. Julia is just one of many siblings. She was born in San Francisco, California, back in 1988. Julia is following in her mother’s footsteps since she just so happens to be her idol. Her French vernacular is very sharp as she once taught a French class for sixth-graders. Cambria Estates Winery has lived up to the hype, and it is the essence of Julia Jackson and the family.

Bob Reina: He’s The Solution

Right now, the world has a lot of problems and there is no getting around that. I’m not going to sit here and list all of them, but there are a lot of things that need fixing. Bob Reina is doing his part to fix them by giving people the chance to have a new job. The more jobs that are out there, the better the world will be in the long run. Bob Reina is looking out for the long-term future of human beings and society. So often, people get overlooked, ignored, or they feel like they are part of an assembly line.


Bob Reina knows that people are special. It is why he created and founded Talk Fusion in 2007. He wanted people to know they could do anything they wanted to do with their lives. For so many people, they were told “no” by others. In many cases, they were even told “no” by their jobs. As soon as they turned 16 and were able to work, they were forced into a job because the parents needed extra money around the house. While there is nothing wrong with a good work ethic, the work needs to be put into something that matters to people and something that is important to them. It can’t just be any old job.


That is what Bob Reina understands. People do not want to simply go through the motions and live an ordinary life. They want to live a special life and they want to leave behind a legacy. With Talk Fusion, they can leave behind something for their children and their grandchildren. Talk Fusion has it all: video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. All of this is going to let people know that someone special is out there and they have an idea or a business that is worth listening to and worth their time.


For many people, when they get that golden opportunity, they will seize it and they will not look back even for a second. They are going to keep moving forward.



How Bridget Scarr Avoids Being Overworked and Burnt Out

Even though Bridget Scarr is very passionate about her role in the entertainment industry, she is very careful to not burn herself out. One thing that she does is make sure that she is ready for the day. She starts each day off with meditation and planning. She prepares for the day afterward with her family and breakfast. Then she spends roughly 3 hours in the office when she is at her most productive. Then once the 3 hours is up, she clocks out for the day with a more flexible work day beginning at 2 in the afternoon. Afterwards she goes for a walk with her family. The night consists of her leisure.


This schedule is an example of someone taking care of herself so that she does not become overworked. One of the easiest things for an entrepreneur to do is become so overworked that he burns out on what he is doing. This is one of the reasons that Bridget Scarr limits her hours. With the limits she places on the time she spends at work, she makes sure that the activity remains fresh. She also leaves more time to spend with her family. One of the worst issues that the entrepreneur could be faced with is alienation from her family because of work.


While it is good to work hard, Bridget Scarr has shown the value of working wisely. Efficiency is one of the best aspects of her character at work. When someone is very efficient, then she is going to get a ton of work done quickly as opposed to just putting in long hours and working harder than necessary.


Because Bridget Scarr keeps herself energetic and sharp, she is able to look at all of the new trends and see which ones are worth trying out and which ones are best left to run their course. One thing about the entertainment industry is that while it is filled with trends, some of the best works do not pay much attention to the trends and instead focus on being what it is so that it can gain an even greater appeal and a better sense of freshness.


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Sheldon Lavin Helps OSI Group Develop an Excellent Reputation in Food Processing

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group and they are a force to be reckoned with in the realm of global food manufacturers. Under his leadership, they have steadily grown to become one of the largest privately held food processing companies whose worldwide reach is expanding. They have an extensive range of resources to draw upon as they add to their capabilities with strategic acquisitions that complement their own specialties.

OSI Group can be found operating in 17 countries with over 70 facilities and their business activities are potent job providers wherever they are found. Local traditions are something that OSI Group is keenly in tune with as Lavin has helped them cultivate a strong respect for communities in which they operate. Their aim is to always have positive interactions in the places in which they do business as well as providing good jobs.

The vision that Lavin has for OSI Group has always been of a global proportion and he’s successfully overseen their exponential growth. From his earliest days in business, he pictured himself as the owner of a company that operates across the world and helps shrink the globe. His dream came true in the mid-seventies when he acquired OSI Group which was then known as Otto & Sons. The owners decided to retire from the business and Sheldon Lavin stepped in to buy the company and was then able to put in motion his plans to grow the business across the globe.

A strong sense of entrepreneur ialism has characterized the career of Sheldon Lavin and he has imbued OSI Group with this as well. Entrepreneurs are creative, forward-thinking, and able to move quickly and all of these qualities are prized by OSI Group and encouraged. This aspect of the business fits in well with the family-like atmosphere that they have put in place.

Great credit is given to employees by Lavin for the sprawling success of OSI Group and working for them provides unique opportunities to do more than just earn a paycheck. They strive to provide a challenging, stimulating environment where employees are encouraged to develop their skills and grow to their fullest potential.

The ability that OSI Group has to help their clients develop noteworthy products sets them apart in the industry. Their culinary staff has exceptional skills and a deep knowledge of global flavors. They have invested in the highest quality research and design facilities to give their customers the greatest chance for success. Sheldon Lavin has continued his career into his eighties due to his love of OSI Group and the work itself.

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Meet Jason Hope’s, a Tech Enthusiast with Interest in Community

Technology has so much changed our life of today. Gone are the days when people lived without the internet. According to Jason Hope’s, an advocator of modern technology, easier access to the internet has created many incredible opportunities. Therefore, technology has calumniated to what is referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). Jason Hope’s discusses whatever IoT is and the impact it has on our lives.

What is the Internet of Things?

IoTs are all those products that can connect us to one another using internet. IoT does not refer to smartphones only. Even other smart appliances and electronics that can be attached to the internet at home or anywhere else are IoT.

Furthermore, we are surrounded by many gadgets that link us to other people as well as to other things. IoT aspect has made things in life more quickie and easier. For example, it is easier for a student to access any book or information from his/her smartphone or tablet. Therefore, there is no need to visit a library or purchase a hard copy.

Impacts of IoT

Currently, the access to the internet has grown and become readily available to everyone. Many and cheaper internet service providers have come up. The high-speed internet and Wi-Fi services are now affordable to ordinary people. Life has been made easier by access to free Wi-Fi and hotspots at public places, at work, and at our learning institutions. Therefore, with all the ease of internet access, the IoT is slowly becoming part of our lives.

Jason Hope has identified the following different scenarios that are common in our lives due to IoT and smartphones.
• Use of smartphones alarm clock
• Use of smart electronics like programmable coffee maker, oven, and dishwashers
• Vehicle fitted with smart gadgets to detect any anomalies like low pressure, oil change, and seatbelts.
• Interconnection of technology to signals on issues to do with health and traffic alerts
• Use of smart cameras and videos to monitor our home and children

Jason Hope’s background

Jason Hope is regarded as an American futurist, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. Jason Hope hails from Tempe, Arizona. He went to Arizona State University (ASU) for a BSc degree in Finance. Also, he has an MBA, Business from ASU – W.P. Carey School of Business.

As an entrepreneur, Jason Hope has an investment in Scottsdale Arizona with multiple interests in the industry of technology. Jason is a philanthropist dedicated to giving back to his community in education, technology, and research. Jason one time pledged a donation of $500,000 to SENS Foundation. SENS is rejuvenation biotechnology foundation that research on age-related diseases. Jason Hope has dedicated to making a difference in his home state of Arizona and has interest in the local politics.

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