Cambria Estate Winery: Leading By Example

Julia JacksonOne of the best things you can do for someone is to teach them, instead of doing for them. This method may sound a bit mad if you don’t understand the underlying principle. Like the old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” or “teach a man to fish and he’ll never starve,” has a hidden message. This was how wine producer Jess Jackson looked at life, and he implemented this logic into his family members. The Jackson family of Jackson Family Wines is the topic of choice. It has wineries in South Africa, Australia, Oregon (USA), France, Chile and in California (USA). This is a family owned and operated business, which goes back to those old sayings above.Cambria Estate Winery was founded in 1987 by Barbara Banke, widow of Jess Jackson.

Julia JacksonBarbara’s adult children operates Jackson family Wines, which is under Cambria Estate Winery. It produces Merlot, Champagne, Chardonnay, Sauvignons and Pinot Noir. One of its best wines is Clone 4 Pinot Noir, and it is a mixture of grapes, pomegranates, cinnamon and cherries. For introducing these drinks to untapped markets, the company’s international sales team travels abroad on a regular basis.  Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter of Jess and Barbara, is the proprietor and a representative of the company. Julia is very accomplished with a B.A. in Studio Art from Scripps College, had a past professional modeling career and owns in-depth knowledge of the French culture. Julia is just one of many siblings. She was born in San Francisco, California, back in 1988. Julia is following in her mother’s footsteps since she just so happens to be her idol. Her French vernacular is very sharp as she once taught a French class for sixth-graders. Cambria Estates Winery has lived up to the hype, and it is the essence of Julia Jackson and the family.