Gary Delagnes Statement to Blue Ribbon Police Investigation Panel

Gary Delagnes, the former president of the Police Officers Association, told a blue-ribbon task force on February 22 that San Francisco’s District Attorney George Gascón set up to investigate virulent racism and homophobia within the San Francisco Police Department.
While George served as San Francisco Chief of Police, he met with Gary on many different occasions weekly. George maintains that at no time during those meetings did he ever hear George say that he felt that racial, gender, sexual orientation or other bias afflicted the police department. Yet, he did note that most of Gary’s important appointments were people who had grown up in San Francisco and had attended either the Catholic high schools or Lowell High School.
Gary who spent 25 years with the department serving nine years as the Police Officers Association president particularly told the panel about a night in 2010 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when George became drunk and unruly while attending a Harvard University police union leadership forum. Gary says that also attending the dinner were current Police Officer Association president Martin Halloran and a union representative from Cambridge. Martin admits to being at the dinner refusing to make any further comments about what occurred that evening.
Gary maintains that during that liquor filled dinner, George made several loud disparaging racial remarks. Furthermore, he maintains that the comments bothered another patron to the point where the patron chose to confront George asking him to refrain from making the remarks.
Gary also made comments that he had a meeting in 2011 with George. During that meeting, George who had already been appointed as a San Francisco County District Attorney told him that he intended to oppose the appointment of Greg Suhr as chief of police for the city. Gary maintains that he told George that if he chose to make his statement public that the Police Officers Association was likely to not endorse his re-election as San Francisco District Attorney. At that time, Gary maintains that George dropped his opposition to Greg.

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