Giving Back to the Community with Mark Sparks

When it comes to giving, Marc Sparks has proven to be the leader in this field. He concentrates in the Dallas, Texas region. Marc Spark is known around the Collin County for his contribution to the Samaritan Inn Organization. The Samaritan Inn is a shelter for the homeless and focuses on offering people within this area with food and shelter. His attachment with this institution dates back to the 80s.

Currently, this good man sits on the Financial board of this charity organization. Spark has the idea that many people are usually two paychecks away from poverty. For this reason, he says that everyone needs support at one point in his life.

Other than the Samaritan Inn, Sparks is also involved with the America Can! Academy. This is a program that focuses on providing education to children from poor backgrounds. He has been a member of this organization since its inception, and he is the idea behind the Sparky’s Kids. This is a program that he funds and one that provides new computers to the needy children from this area.

The Sparky Kids have provided Dell computers to other organizations working with the program such as the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dallas as well as Texas Can! And Samaritan Inn. Other than this two charities, Marc has worked with the Habitat for Humanity to build a home for the less privileged people in the society.

In general, Marc is a guy who likes to inspire other people to succeed in life. He has edited a book called they can’t eat you using his story as the example. He talks of the way hard work and determination as well as luck can play a huge role in the success of a person. When studying in school, Marc was a C student and talks of the way a person can move from being a C person to a successful person in the business world.

There are several tips that he often gives to the young people who want to succeed in life. He advises them to believe in their products and services. He also advises the young people to always maintain things to a simple level. He talks about the way successful people should always have a business strategy in their minds. Finally, to succeed in life, Sparks believes that one should always have a product that is unique from the rest. Currently, he works with the Timber Creek Capital.