Cambria Estate Winery: Leading By Example

Julia JacksonOne of the best things you can do for someone is to teach them, instead of doing for them. This method may sound a bit mad if you don’t understand the underlying principle. Like the old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” or “teach a man to fish and he’ll never starve,” has a hidden message. This was how wine producer Jess Jackson looked at life, and he implemented this logic into his family members. The Jackson family of Jackson Family Wines is the topic of choice. It has wineries in South Africa, Australia, Oregon (USA), France, Chile and in California (USA). This is a family owned and operated business, which goes back to those old sayings above.Cambria Estate Winery was founded in 1987 by Barbara Banke, widow of Jess Jackson.

Julia JacksonBarbara’s adult children operates Jackson family Wines, which is under Cambria Estate Winery. It produces Merlot, Champagne, Chardonnay, Sauvignons and Pinot Noir. One of its best wines is Clone 4 Pinot Noir, and it is a mixture of grapes, pomegranates, cinnamon and cherries. For introducing these drinks to untapped markets, the company’s international sales team travels abroad on a regular basis.  Julia Jackson, the youngest daughter of Jess and Barbara, is the proprietor and a representative of the company. Julia is very accomplished with a B.A. in Studio Art from Scripps College, had a past professional modeling career and owns in-depth knowledge of the French culture. Julia is just one of many siblings. She was born in San Francisco, California, back in 1988. Julia is following in her mother’s footsteps since she just so happens to be her idol. Her French vernacular is very sharp as she once taught a French class for sixth-graders. Cambria Estates Winery has lived up to the hype, and it is the essence of Julia Jackson and the family.

Sheldon Lavin Helps OSI Group Develop an Excellent Reputation in Food Processing

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group and they are a force to be reckoned with in the realm of global food manufacturers. Under his leadership, they have steadily grown to become one of the largest privately held food processing companies whose worldwide reach is expanding. They have an extensive range of resources to draw upon as they add to their capabilities with strategic acquisitions that complement their own specialties.

OSI Group can be found operating in 17 countries with over 70 facilities and their business activities are potent job providers wherever they are found. Local traditions are something that OSI Group is keenly in tune with as Lavin has helped them cultivate a strong respect for communities in which they operate. Their aim is to always have positive interactions in the places in which they do business as well as providing good jobs.

The vision that Lavin has for OSI Group has always been of a global proportion and he’s successfully overseen their exponential growth. From his earliest days in business, he pictured himself as the owner of a company that operates across the world and helps shrink the globe. His dream came true in the mid-seventies when he acquired OSI Group which was then known as Otto & Sons. The owners decided to retire from the business and Sheldon Lavin stepped in to buy the company and was then able to put in motion his plans to grow the business across the globe.

A strong sense of entrepreneur ialism has characterized the career of Sheldon Lavin and he has imbued OSI Group with this as well. Entrepreneurs are creative, forward-thinking, and able to move quickly and all of these qualities are prized by OSI Group and encouraged. This aspect of the business fits in well with the family-like atmosphere that they have put in place.

Great credit is given to employees by Lavin for the sprawling success of OSI Group and working for them provides unique opportunities to do more than just earn a paycheck. They strive to provide a challenging, stimulating environment where employees are encouraged to develop their skills and grow to their fullest potential.

The ability that OSI Group has to help their clients develop noteworthy products sets them apart in the industry. Their culinary staff has exceptional skills and a deep knowledge of global flavors. They have invested in the highest quality research and design facilities to give their customers the greatest chance for success. Sheldon Lavin has continued his career into his eighties due to his love of OSI Group and the work itself.

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Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Revolutionizes Leisure And Fun In Joao Pessoa

In the city of Joao Pessoa, Roberto Santiago ranks as one of the most outstanding businessmen. The executive is known across Brazil for his unmatched business acumen. His outstanding businesses strategies are visible through his investments such as Manaira Shopping mall, the largest shopping mall in the state of Paraiba. The property is located near Joao Pessoa’s north coast. Its location and designs are credited for its success in the competitive shopping mall industry.

Roberto has made leisure and fun the corner stone of Maniara Shopping Mall’s businesses. He focuses on ensuring that everyone who visits the mall leaves happier than he or she entered. The mall has been carefully designed. It includes eleven movie theaters, electronic amusement park, food outlets, a concert hall, and a favorable environment.

The mall’s eleven movie theatres are fitted with some of the most modern cinematic projection technology. Clients can enjoy all the latest 3D and 2D movies from around the world. The cinema rooms have many seats, which are arranged using the stadium system. According to Roberto, the arrangement ensures that every client can enjoy his or her view of the screen regardless of where he or she is seated in the theaters.

Gaming lovers should make a point of visiting Manaira Shopping’s electronic amusement park. The section, which sits on a large floor area, has over 200 gaming machines. The mall has sourced the machines from various gaming companies to ensure that every client’s gaming needs is met regardless of his age or gender. This electronic amusement park is one of its kinds in Brazil and attracts thousands of gamers every week.

Another facility that attracts thousands of people to Manaira Shopping mall is Domus Hall, the largest concert hall in Paraiba State and one of the largest in the country. The hall, which is located on the mall’s rooftop, has a capacity of ten thousand standing revelers and five thousand seated guests. This makes it ideal for public events such s graduations, fairs, presentations, mega shows, stand-ups, and wedding. The hall has private cabins where guests can relax during events.

Food lovers can also enjoy the delicious cuisines available at the mall’s food outlets. These cuisines are carefully selected from around the world to cater for the varying tastes of its customers. The presence of these outlets ensures that the visitors do not leave their fun activities to look for meals elsewhere.

In addition, Manaira Shopping mall is a center of education. The mall hosts several colleges. Moreover, school children often visit the mall to learn about various fields and cultures at the exhibitions. These visits provide the children with lasting knowledge on different products and services in the market. The reputation of the mall continues to attract many people from different parts of the globe.


Keith Mann is a very talented leader

The economy is recovering and many businesses are looking to hire leadership. The demand for top-quality talent has never been higher, but many firms simply do not know how to start. Executive search companies have played a vital role in the growth of major companies for many years, and Keith Mann is the biggest name in the executive search business.


Keith has spent the last fifteen years working on executive search. He started by launching the Alternative Investment Practice within Dynamics Executive Search when he noticed that the hedge fund industry was rapidly expanding and needed support from the executive search market. The new practice was a major success and Keith quickly expanded the company into the private equity industry. In 2009, Keith was ready to break off from Dynamics Executive Search and he founded Dynamic Search Partners.


Today, Dynamic Search Partners is a major power in the executive search industry. Keith serves as the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. As CEO, Keith assists his clients with hiring quality investment, internal strategy, and marketing professionals. Dynamics Search Partners works with firms throughout the alternative investment industry. They help fill 200 positions every year. Recently, Keith sat down with Idea Mensch for an interview. This interview brought Keith’s brilliance to light.


Idea Mensch asked him what trends excite him. Keith is especially excited about diversity. Keith’s industry is all about producing the best possible candidate, and adding diversity can only increase the likelihood of offering quality candidates.


The interviewer also asked Keith what habit makes him most productive as an entrepreneur. Keith surprised the interviewer by saying that his morning workout is a great habit that gives him the energy he needs to get through the day. He looks forward to his workout every morning.


One interesting question that Keith fielded was what his worst job was. Keith once served as a trading assistant for a huge bank. He hated being at other people’s beck and call, and he decided to be his own boss.


Keith Mann is an influential leader and his company, Dynamics Search Partners, is changing the way people view executive search.