Eric Lefkofsky Engages in Cancer Research in Reassurance of Better Disease Management

Eric Lefkofsky and the Dartmouth researchers have partnered together to look deep in issues of lung cancer, Yafang Li the lead researcher revealed. Lung cancer could manifest as a result of environmental factors such as smoking or be hereditary. In their studies, three single nucleotide polymorphisms DNA Variations shave been identified. One is the cellular linked risk for lung cancer while the others are pointers to risk factors in lung cancer screening and intervention.

According to a Carcinogenesis report from a survey of Caucasian people, smokers were at higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer due to their genome interaction. Genome-wide interaction is still is a tasking process as it is not easy to establish the effect analysis from the interaction. This is study is a comprehensive focus on SNP interaction analysis that for effectiveness will be studied using a two-step strategy for analysis of gene-environment interaction.

The three SNPs forms a significant part of research as it will enhance precision findings relating to potential biomarkers of lung cancer. It will also guide in monitoring pattern among smokers, help in prognosis and effective treatment plan that is individualized. Although the study was cover the Caucasian race, the findings can generally be applied to people of the same genetic background. Yafang Li hopes that this genotype information will be more available in the future and help in the discovery of the direct relationship between gene-smoking interaction and the development of lung cancer.

About Eric Lefkofsky

He was born Eric Paul Lefkofsky in 1969 and is an American national. Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned business manager. He has made quite a fortune from entrepreneurial venture capitals. While in college he alongside Brad Keywell established Brandon Apparel and based it in Madison, Wisconsin. The duo later co-founded the Echo Global Logistics in 2005 and got financing from New Enterprise Associates. The company is currently trading publicly under the ECHO symbol.

The subsequent, the two friends founded the Media Bank for advertising but also had other services in analysis software provision, planning, procurement, and accounting. Elsewhere he has been the co-founder of which is the tasked with the CEO role but has since then resigned. He is presently working with Tempus a healthcare venture firm in cancer treatment. It has been an attachment that has progressively improved cancer detection and personalized treatment. This came to be after a family member was diagnosed with cancer and it came to his attention of the limited treatment available.