A Guide to College Basketball Betting

College basketball betting is not only keeping us on the edge of our seats but our pockets as well. Ranking top amongst other sports, college basketball betting is gain momentum with the NCAA tournaments around the corner. Many are on the lookout for a kill this coming season. However, with many new bettors wanting a piece of the pie, what tactic should they use to enjoy the glory of a successful bet like the rest of us betting experts? Here is my take on what the college basketball betting scene is all about.

For starters, an experience in the NBA betting scene comes in handy when we talk about college basketball betting. Just like NBA bets, college bets comprise of three different kinds of bets: money line betting, spread betting, and game total or over under betting. As a fresh face to the betting scene, I’ll recommend starting first with money line odds as you only require to choose which team is likely to win. The catch with such bets is that the pay is low if the odds are high on the underdog team. As for spread bets, you require vast experience with teams you gamble on. For instance, a favored team should pass the points step by the odds-makers for it to win. While in the game total, the bets are placed on the set of points both teams are likely to win. You may also consider trying college basketball prop betting that involves placing bets on halftime or individual player performance. You can do all this through Covers.com the country’s leading bookmaker’s site.

Why Covers.com?

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