How Bridget Scarr Avoids Being Overworked and Burnt Out

Even though Bridget Scarr is very passionate about her role in the entertainment industry, she is very careful to not burn herself out. One thing that she does is make sure that she is ready for the day. She starts each day off with meditation and planning. She prepares for the day afterward with her family and breakfast. Then she spends roughly 3 hours in the office when she is at her most productive. Then once the 3 hours is up, she clocks out for the day with a more flexible work day beginning at 2 in the afternoon. Afterwards she goes for a walk with her family. The night consists of her leisure.


This schedule is an example of someone taking care of herself so that she does not become overworked. One of the easiest things for an entrepreneur to do is become so overworked that he burns out on what he is doing. This is one of the reasons that Bridget Scarr limits her hours. With the limits she places on the time she spends at work, she makes sure that the activity remains fresh. She also leaves more time to spend with her family. One of the worst issues that the entrepreneur could be faced with is alienation from her family because of work.


While it is good to work hard, Bridget Scarr has shown the value of working wisely. Efficiency is one of the best aspects of her character at work. When someone is very efficient, then she is going to get a ton of work done quickly as opposed to just putting in long hours and working harder than necessary.


Because Bridget Scarr keeps herself energetic and sharp, she is able to look at all of the new trends and see which ones are worth trying out and which ones are best left to run their course. One thing about the entertainment industry is that while it is filled with trends, some of the best works do not pay much attention to the trends and instead focus on being what it is so that it can gain an even greater appeal and a better sense of freshness.


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