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As I’m sure many of you are aware, the world around us is changing each and every day. In my view, it is changing for the better. For example, look at something like YouTube. Someone can post videos, become famous, and make a career out of it. There are so many unique ways to make a living using videos and various tech that is out there. The only thing stopping you is just going out and doing it. However, there are people that have a fire in their belly and blood coursing through their veins. They might have been wronged by a former employee or mistreated. Because of this, they have that extra motivation to prove them wrong and show that they can do anything they set their mind to.

There are also people that laugh at their dreams. They want to crush their dreams before they ever get it off the ground. These are people that probably never pursued a dream themselves or even had dreams. They were content to work 9-5 at their desk, collect a paycheck, and go through the motions. However, Bob Reina of Talk Fusion is in the corner of the dreamers and the people with brights ideas and people who think a little differently and think outside the box. They aren’t afraid of a challenge. In fact, they embrace every challenge that comes their way. That motivation comes from wanting to show those people who laughed at them and doubted them that they didn’t know what they were talking about or they didn’t know the real person behind the dream and what they were capable of.

It brings Bob Reina such joy when he sees people using his products, especially Video Chat. Video Chat is one of the most popular features along with Video Conferences. If you need to hold a board meeting or be in charge of a group of individuals, this allows you to chat with them all at once, all over the globe. People are making friends in different countries, different states, and all over the world thanks to Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion. Most of all, their dreams are coming true.


Eric Pulier: Author and Business Visionary

Eric Pulier was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. He showed an interest in computing as far back as the fourth grade, where he would write programs for computers, and continued through high school where he established a company specialized in database computers. Pulier attended Harvard University as an English and American Literature major while also taking several courses at nearby MIT. Pulier also served as editor and columnist for “The Harvard Crimson” and graduated magna cum laude in ’88.

Three years after graduating from Harvard, Pulier changed coasts and moved to L.A. in order to found People Doing Things, or “PDT”. PDT was engineered to apply technology toward issues of health care and education. Three years later in ’94, Pulier founded Digital Evolution which would later merge with US Interactive in ’98. 1997 would see Eric Pulier being appointed to create and deliver “The Bridge to the 21st Century” on behalf of the American government. Pulier would then be involved in Al Gore’s forums on health care and technology, eventually becoming involved with the Clinton Global Initiative. In addition to his founding of services like Akana and Desktone, Pulier is passionate about his Starbright World project, a social network dedicated to children suffering from chronic illnesses.

When one steps back and looks at Pulier’s accomplishments, he has founded more than 15 companies and owns 17 different patents, the latter of which all pertain to various aspects of cloud computing. He also serves as father to four children and as a board member of The Painted Turtle and the XPRIZE Foundation; the former organization is a summer camp for the same market as Starbright World and the latter one is dedicated to hosting competitions to fix the greatest issues of humanity, such as private space flight and exploration, replicating a functional “Star Trek” tricorder, working to improve adult literacy and engineering an AI capable of drawing a standing ovation after delivering a speech. Pulier has served as co-author of two published works: “Understanding Enterprise SOA,” which is about service-focused architecture, and “The Enterprise Industrial Complex,” an article in Forbes’ March 2012 issue.

Is Kevin Seawright The Superman of Newark?

Hard work is a quality that is revered by many. It is even more lauded especially if it’s for the betterment of society. A person who selflessly serves his community has a legacy and is immortalized in the people’s minds and hearts. If the individual more so works with the youth and young people I the society, even when he dies his memory leaves on as they continue to carry on with his ideologies regardless. It is therefore critical for one to create a legacy for themselves such that even after they move on, many people will still remember you for what you did to the society. Such a legacy is very hard to create nowadays are morality, and selflessness is slowly but sure creeping into people’s way of life corrupting what once used to be upheld.

Even in this dire times where honesty and hard work are very rare especially in public offices, we have moral people who still continue proving us wrong. One such person is Kevin Seawright. Mr. Seawright has been the epitome of success when it comes to transforming the society. He is considered by many as the Batman and Superman when it comes to changing the youth leadership. The people of Newark boast such a remarkable figure who has been responsible for the transformation of the youth way of life in Newark.

Kevin Seawright sees the best out of the youth, and told LocalTalkNews as much. He has face lifted his team which now mostly comprise of the energetic and hardworking you. This has not only instilled confidence by showing that they can be trusted to run things but has also made them more responsible. Kevin Seawright, who is currently the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, has been spearheading transformational strategies that will forever be remembered in the area. Not long ago the area was famed for its student failing to graduate a thing which looks to be in its past. Students in Newark are encouraged to learn by being given positions of work as interns in local organizations like banks and insurance agencies.

The students are introduced to corporate life in their formative years of their college education. As a result, by the time they are graduating, they are fully equipped with the knowledge of running a corporate organization. Such enthusiasm as epitomized by Mr. Kevin Seawright has shown the youth that they can be whatever they want to be my future.

Finding Common Ground and Seeing Life through the Eyes of the Common Man: Doug Levitt’s “The Greyhound Diaries”

America’s ongoing struggle with poverty can’t be clearly seen until you spend time outside the major cities. For Doug Levitt, it was a challenge for him to discover the common ground with people from all walks of life who live in the areas that Greyhound covers across the country. He knew that the country had a wide diverse population with many different cultures. He understood that most, but not all, people that take Greyhound are struggling to get by.

Doug’s six week Greyhound bus ride across the country in 2004 revealed to him that there was a treasure trove of stories waiting to be heard. He realized that individual stories of struggle actually opened up connections that created a greater understanding of poverty and its long term affects on communities. It was the rich stories, songs and images that kept him on what turned out to be an ongoing project.

The Greyhound Diaries” explore the stories behind the headlines with an emphasis on how the “Great Recession” has affected people from all walks of life. The usual stories of courage in the midst of adversity are here along with the songs and images of a forgotten America.

Traveling stories about the various communities Greyhound covers are also included in the diaries. Based on the Depression era Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects, the stories, songs and images reflect the historical and ongoing injustices people still face. It is interesting to note how the six week project grew to include over 100,000 miles of interesting and informative stories.

A former CNN correspondent, Doug Levitt captures the essence of the common man in everyday America in a time of struggle. The realization that politicians and other “movers and shakers” really didn’t understand the affect poverty has in communities across the country is what galvanized him to start the project in 2004. It is his determination to make everyone aware of these stories that continues to drive him to continue the project.

The multi media project continues to touch hearts with its message. America, even with its diverse population can find common ground.

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The Keith Mann Scholarship Connection

Keith Mann has big plans for students that are graduating from the Uncommon School, located in New York. Keith Mann is the well known CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. Mann is also a successful businessman that believes in giving back to the community. He has displayed this interest by providing a scholarship to students at the Uncommon School. Counselors at the school are overwhelmed with gratitude to Keith Mann for his outstanding generosity. The scholarship will be provided by Mann each year. The scholarship will make it possible for one student to attend a four year college.

The Keith and Keely Man Scholarship is awarded to students for professional achievement. The scholarship is recognition of future business leaders at the school. Certainly, the school administrators and students are overwhelmed and truly thankful for the very generous award. Generally, it is difficult for low income students to find funding for obtaining a college education. This award provides a helping hand for those students. All students applying for the scholarship are requested to compose a 1000 word essay on the rewards of higher education. All graduating students attending Uncommon School are eligible for the scholarship. Clearly, Mann is a very caring person that is looking out for the next generation of business leaders in this country.

Most people recognize Keith Mann as a very successful business leader. True, Mann is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners. He is also a philanthropist that really cares about young people and future business leaders. Certainly, this is apparent through the scholarship program provided by Mann and his other philanthropic endeavors.

Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners. This is a leading executive search firm. One of the top firms in the industry for well over a decade. The firm was established over 16 years ago. They work with top level executives that understand the dynamics of the industry. Mann works exclusively with alternative investment firms. Today, Dynamics Search Partners are a highly sought after organization that works with top level firms across the world.

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