The Lovaganza Convoy Starts Its Global Journey

There can be very few people around the world who do not applaud the commitment made by the founders of the Lovaganza foundation on to helping bring a better quality of life to the children of the world. Making sure every child has their basic human rights protected is the main aim of the group, which hopes to make sure a high standard of education is always available along with a safe and plentiful water supply in conflict free environments. Achieving this aim by the middle of the 21st century is the aim of Lovaganza and will be followed by the same standard of living afforded to adults around the world when the group achieve their goals.

The Lovaganza Convoy will form the first part of the journey undertaken by the group after work began to create the trilogy of films the group hopes to use to build awareness of different cultures, and finance the work they hope to achieve outside the entertainment industry. The trilogy of movies on is designed to take the viewer on a journey around the world that will allow the viewer the chance to learn more about the different cultures that can be found around the world.

Although the Lovaganza foundation is looking to the future with its plans to improve the quality of life for the children of the world the group has also looked to the history of the movies in its bid to build a global community working towards the same ends. Lovaganza is exploring the history of the movie and entertainment industry in the style of its Convoy trilogy that will see both a traditional theatrical release and form part of a global festival.

The Convoy will tour the world showing the movies and artistic works created by Lovaganza with an amazing experience designed to inspire young people to do more to care for each other. A 180 degree viewing experience has been created for the Convoy tour that will include 3-D viewing to make this an unforgettable part of the Lovaganza experience. The chance to inspire by harking back to the technological achievements of the mid 20th century is part of the experience Lovaganza hopes to create for its viewers.