You Reap What You Sew: Lessons From the Kabbalah Centre

Have you ever had something really horrible happen to you, then wonder at time if it was someone else’s fault? It’s sort of a trick question. We have all been there. At the time the appropriate response is usually “What have I done to deserve this?”

After some time, you realize that this is not the right question to ask. What you have to start asking is why it did happen to you. Which brings us to one of the central themes of the spiritual path called Kabbalah. Many have studied it, my self included.

When you start to examine your life and it’s direction, you will realize that everything happens for a reason. There is nothing happening out of order. Kabbalah teaches us that our own lives all offer a central them in the universe. What we put out will ultimately come back to you, in one or another.

Say you cause ill will with someone, even hoping that they somehow perish in a negative way. This voice will echo out into the universe and come back to the person who thought it to begin with.

Kabbalah tries to teach us to harness all the positive energy we can and put it out. Something as simple as paying a bill for someone is going to come back to the person in a positive fashion.

Sounds simple right?

There’s a catch. In Kabbalah we learn that you have to have genuine concern going on. In other words, doing something for the sake of getting something in return is not going to fly. You have to share for the sake of sharing. You have to offer help to someone without expecting anything in return.

This is where it gets difficult for many people. Most people expect to get something in return. Most people today do not do something for nothing. Which brings us to the main central theme of Kabbalah once more.

The idea of cause and effect.

Doing something for nothing is all part of it. If you help out someone for the sake of sharing and nothing more, this energy will vibrate positively through the universe. If you do just the opposite, than the opposite is going to happen.

Remember, positive energy begets positive energy. Negative energy begets negative energy. If it was a matter of fate, than which one would you pick?

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