Lime Crime: A Legend In The Making

In a recent online article on, makeup mogul Doe Deere discusses how she started her Lime Crime business. According to the article, Deere received the honor of being one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. The reporter talks with Deere about starting the brand and what it is like to be a premier fashion entrepreneur.

Doe says that she has been interested in color since she was a little girl. She mentions that she always had her colored pencils and paints with her. She has also had an affinity for fashion, says the article. As a little girl in Russia, Deere learned to sew from her mother at an early age. In the article, Deere reminisces about creating witch costumes for herself and her friends. This was one of the first times she started working with makeup. Deere has always loved to experiment with clothing and color, says the article.

Doe Deere says that she left her native Russia as a teenager and moved to New York City. She and a group of friends started a music group and Deere designed all of their costumes. Fans started to ask about the costumes, says the article. They wanted to know where they could buy the designs. Encouraged by fan interests, Deere began designing clothes and selling them on a popular online auction site.

When the reporter asked her about how she came up with the name Lime Crime, Doe Deere said that she used the name of her favorite color and just added another word that rhymed. She developed makeup colors that matched her bright designs and people fell in love with the makeup, says the article. The makeup became so popular, that Doe Deere made Lime Crime exclusively about it.

Today, Lime Crime is a multi-million dollar company that does business on the Internet. Customers can choose luscious colors of lipstick, eye shadow, and nail polishes and have them delivered straight to their door. Doe Deere is proud that so many woman around the world look up to her as a successful female entrepreneur. She joins the ranks of other top businesswomen that she admires.  Buy Lime Crime on Amazon, or shop their collection at fashion specific retailers like Doll’s Kill.