Norka Luque’s Amazing Musical Journey

Norka Luque is an up-and-coming vocalist who entered the world on February 7th, 1986. Her birthplace is Caracas, Venezuela. Although Luque was born in South America, she’s a proud Floridian who calls Miami her hometown. She lives in Fort Lauderdale at the moment. Norka Luque released her debut single back in 2011. The song was written by Archie Pena, a well-known producer and songwriter. This tune landed the singer a “Female Pop Artist of the Year” nomination from the highly respected Lo Nuestro Awards.

Early 2012 saw the release of “Miracle,” the artist’s second single. This track was named after the album. Pena produced it. The song’s “salsa” mix made its way to number one in Venezuela. It remained at that coveted spot for an impressive 14 weeks total as well. Miracle also had a dance mix that was performed in English.

Luque’s music career is busy and buzzing these days. Her pop, dance, urban and Latin tracks have people everywhere talking and moving their bodies. She’s always been someone who had a strong love for music. She relocated to France for a while upon completing high school. She enrolled in business school in France and as a result experienced a detailed and well-rounded business administration education. Her education wasn’t limitd to business administration, either. When Luque was abroad, she took many useful and eye-opening courses in the culinary arts and marketing, too.

France was where Luque’s musical abilities truly began to take shape. Luque formed “Bad Moon Rising” while there. This was an alternative music outfit that gave the artist the opportunity to genuinely explore her talents and abilities.

Luque landed a banking position in Monaco, a scenic microstate located on the Mediterranean. She stayed at the job until she had an epiphany and it dawned on her that she wanted to pursue music back in the United States. The rest is history. Luque returned home and got to work on a debut release with Jose Velazquez, a noteworthy producer. She got acquainted with Emilio Estefan, Jr., who would go on to assist her with her upcoming debut. Estefan, Jr. even helped Luque secure several Latin Music Award nods, no small feat.

Music is an extremely important part of Luque’s life. There are various other things that also mean a lot to her, however. The artist enjoys playing tennis on a regular basis. She also enjoys spending time with family, travel and cooking.

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Finding Common Ground and Seeing Life through the Eyes of the Common Man: Doug Levitt’s “The Greyhound Diaries”

America’s ongoing struggle with poverty can’t be clearly seen until you spend time outside the major cities. For Doug Levitt, it was a challenge for him to discover the common ground with people from all walks of life who live in the areas that Greyhound covers across the country. He knew that the country had a wide diverse population with many different cultures. He understood that most, but not all, people that take Greyhound are struggling to get by.

Doug’s six week Greyhound bus ride across the country in 2004 revealed to him that there was a treasure trove of stories waiting to be heard. He realized that individual stories of struggle actually opened up connections that created a greater understanding of poverty and its long term affects on communities. It was the rich stories, songs and images that kept him on what turned out to be an ongoing project.

The Greyhound Diaries” explore the stories behind the headlines with an emphasis on how the “Great Recession” has affected people from all walks of life. The usual stories of courage in the midst of adversity are here along with the songs and images of a forgotten America.

Traveling stories about the various communities Greyhound covers are also included in the diaries. Based on the Depression era Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects, the stories, songs and images reflect the historical and ongoing injustices people still face. It is interesting to note how the six week project grew to include over 100,000 miles of interesting and informative stories.

A former CNN correspondent, Doug Levitt captures the essence of the common man in everyday America in a time of struggle. The realization that politicians and other “movers and shakers” really didn’t understand the affect poverty has in communities across the country is what galvanized him to start the project in 2004. It is his determination to make everyone aware of these stories that continues to drive him to continue the project.

The multi media project continues to touch hearts with its message. America, even with its diverse population can find common ground.

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