OSI Group is a Top Global Food Processor

OSI Group has steadily grown over the years under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin and their reputation has been bolstered by the wide range of services that they offer and the quality of their products. Their expertise encompasses the development of new food concepts and every other aspect of production. They are a forward-looking company that has been honored for sustainability efforts and their inclusive workforce and mindset.

The operations of OSI Group are now in 17 different countries as they run over 65 facilities among diverse local populations. They are a premier food processing company that has a global reputation for excellence. They forge strategic partnerships with leading retail food brands and other food service companies. Their expertise in this regard helps to set them apart in the industry and allows them to make deals that are prosperous for both companies.

The Globe of Honour is a prestigious award that is bestowed by the British Safety Council. It puts in the spotlight those companies that display an exemplary management of environmental risks. The UK branch of OSI Group was privileged to receive this award in 2016. They were top-rated by the Council with five-stars for one full year which qualified them to compete for the award. Their excellence was noted throughout the entire operations including the shop room floor and the boardroom. Their leadership was also highlighted as inspirational and listed as a key factor in their accomplishment.

The atmosphere that OSI Group strives to implement for their workers is an attractive one. They endeavor to provide a stimulating work environment where people are challenged to develop and fulfill their potential. Workers are encouraged to think creatively and become adept at problem-solving all of which are the hallmarks of an entrepreneurial spirit. The leadership team throughout the company highly emphasizes this type of can-do spirit and attitude.

OSI Group strongly values their employees and considers them to be the driving force behind their success. They are particularly interested in enthusiastic individuals with an innovative bent. They are inclusive and focused on diversity as well. The power of teamwork is another important factor in the success of OSI Group and their commitment to customer service is rarely equaled.For more info about us: http://www.foodprocessing.com/top100/profiles/osigroup/ click here.

The specialties of OSI Group include beef, pork, poultry, fruits, and vegetables among many others. Their products are made to order according to the guidelines put forth by their customers. The delight of their customers is their end goal that they daily fulfill.