George Soros Back In The Political Scene

George Soros has emerged to be one of the top funders of Democratic politics. The billionaire who significantly reduced his political giving since he spent $27 million in a bid to defeat President Bush is now slowly reappearing in the political scene. Democrats have received over $25 million from Soros to boost Clinton and other Democrats candidates and causes. His associates revealed that he is to give even more within the year.

Soros has amassed a wealth estimated at $24.7 billion. The self-made millionaire was born in Budapest in 1930. He fled the Nazis occupation and fled for England in 1947. This is where he got his economics studies at the London School of Economics. He settled in the US where has managed to gather a large amount of wealth.

Soros has a 25-year relationship with Clinton; he had planned to attend the Democratic convention to watch Clinton accept her presidential nomination but failed due to a work related constraint. George Soros seems to be more politically engaged now more than he had been in years. Soros is the founder and chairman of Open Society, an organization which is based on the idea of a society where the government is accountable; rights are respected, and no one has the monopoly of truth. This makes this organization one of the most outstanding philanthropic organizations in history.

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George Soros has done great charitable deeds all over the world. He has however been involved in some political instances on Forbes. This year he has been specifically more engaged in politics. His campaign for the Democrats was evident through his generous donations. Soros has also combined efforts with African-American lawyers, the liberal hedge and racial justice groups in a bid to see black prosecutors in the American courts. This is in response to what they consider to be an insufficient reaction on by incumbent district attorneys to cases of police killing black people.

Soros has contributed significantly to the global community as a philanthropist. He has also provided $2 million in an attempt to defeat Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpia in Arizona. This is just one of his spending in local law enforcement over the past one year. He continues to impact the world through his endless philanthropic deed through the Open Society Foundation. Soros has been politically involved in championing the rights of the oppressed or the minor groups. His financial power makes him one of the most influential individuals. George Soros has spent millions of dollars in a bid to see her Democrat candidate succeed. More information on

Thor Halvorssen On Socialism And Sanders

Human rights have played a prominent role in American history. Americans have been keenly aware of how their actions have impacted other and how they have devalued people. That is why men such as Thor Halvorssen will champion human rights and dedicate his career to this cause. It is for this reason that Halvorssen pointed out in this interview that he is opposed to a socialistic model of government. While he respects nations such as Denmark for making the correct qualifications and the necessary separations, he nonetheless thinks that socialism is easy to abuse, and this has been evidenced throughout history. Halvorrsen fears that the democratic socialism espoused by the presidential candidate Bernie Sanders could have a negative impact.

Personal Experience
Often, the people do not want to hear from a man who has a theory. Philosophical speculation may be interesting to academics and other researchers. But the people want to know what will worked and what has worked. They want a narrative. That is precisely what Halvorssen offers. He tells the audience that his family has suffered at the hands of socialistic regimes. He pointed out that even today, his brother is being held as a political prisoner.

Massive Shortages
Halvorssen argued that while poverty is a legitimate problem that has been pointed out by the Sanders Campaign, socialism is not an adequate solution to this problem. Under a socialistic regime, the government controls prices. If they are too high, the people cannot afford to purchase groceries, and companies will go out of business. If they are too low, grocery stores cannot afford to pay their distributers. Therefore, socialism often results in massive shortages. The people of the United States are not privy to the inevitable impact that a socialist government will have.

He Supports Sanders Anyway
While socialism may have a negative impact on the economy, Bernie Sanders is still Halvorssen’s candidate of choice. He pointed out that Donald Trump received endorsements from Putin, and Hillary Clinton accepted campaign contributions from terrorist organizations. He regards Bernie Sanders as the only viable option.

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Fred Koch’s Lasting Impact

Charles Koch, half of the Koch brothers who are known for both owning and running Koch Industries, a diversified conglomerate that is the second largest private company in the United States as well as for his role in financing many conservative politicians, recently discussed his youth with ABC news and provided some insight into how he developed his core beliefs.

Even more so than Koch Industries, Charles Koch is known as a political donor who funds many conservative Republicans candidates. While Koch does not seem enamored with any of the current Republican Candidates for President, he has been supportive of the Republican policies on smaller government, lower taxes, and of each individual taking personal responsibility for themselves. Often this personal responsibility involves a removal of the government handouts that Koch believes make people dependent on the government.

This may not sound like the policy that someone who received a large inheritance from his father might have, but Koch elaborated on some of the lessons that his father, Fred Koch, and founder of Koch Industries, taught him when he was young, particularly in regards to the importance of hard work and the benefits that it can give you in your life.

Charles read out a letter that his father sent to him when he was young. The letter, which was written in the 1960s shortly before Fred passed away, indicated the mixed feelings that Fred had towards providing his children with a large inheritance. While on one hand he saw it as a useful tool towards accomplish great things, on the other hand he saw it as a potentially damaging factor that may limit his children’s motivation to work hard. If this occurred, and his children became playboys as a result, Fred would have seen the inheritance as a waste.

Charles was set to work at a young age and began helping with chores as well as finding a role in the family business. He was further pushed towards developing skills and experience outside of the business and went off to obtain a degree in chemical engineering before returning to Koch Industries.

Overall, the letter that Charles read from his father was touching and shows how Charles developed his work ethic and belief system from a young age. Charles seems concerned that other people develop the same work ethic and work towards developing their own skills and sense of net worth for both their own good, as well as for the good of society at large.

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