Skout Celebrates National Superhero Day


Learn About Skout’s New Features On National Superhero Day

In case you were not aware already, Skout is one of the leading social media and dating applications on the market. The people who use Skout are on the app to find friends online or in real life, and some people are looking for friendships while others are looking for romantic partners. It’s easy, as you can see, to use Skout for a variety of reasons. You can change what you are on Skout to find by editing your Skout profile within the application, so it is easy to change this preference at any time in order to find different types of people within the application. Whatever it is you are looking for in a relationship, you are sure to find interesting people to fulfill that need within Skout’s application.

Skout is always doing things for their users and for their community. They do their best to bring people together to help serve a common purpose. Getting people involved in helping others is one of the most noble things that Skout does with their application. Users on Skout can anticipate finding new people to meet and talk to while helping other people in the world. Skout has been involved in charities in the past, including a few that have contributed to feeding the needy. This month Skout is working with the Make A Wish Foundation in The Greater Bay Area in order to help fulfill the dreams of one special individual.

Skout Celebrates National Superhero Day

PR Newswire originally covered this story in an article on their website that details all the information surrounding Skout’s initiative to help the Make A Wish Foundation in the Greater Bay Area, and the article also discusses the exact details of a recent survey that Skout conducted.

The survey is all about what the Skout community views as the best attributes of superheros. The questions include favorite superheros, favorite super powers, favorite superhero vehicles and others. According to this survey, three quarters of the Skout community that was involved in the survey said that a superhero is someone that helps people in need. The majority of men picked Superman as their favorite superhero, and the majority of women picked Batman as their favorite superhero. If you would like to see the entire survey results, take a look at this article from PR Newswire.

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Status Labs Offers Rapid Response Reputation Management

Status Labs is a rapidly growing New York City public relations, reputation management and online marketing firm that recently moved into a new office on Broadway, overlooking Madison Square Park. The firm recently hired several new professionals,, with plans to hire at least five more people before the year’s end. Fortunately, Status Labs’ new office leaves room for the firm to hire additional team members. The firm also has offices in Austin and São Paulo.


While Status Labs does traditional public relations and online marketing, the firm, led by President Darius Fisher, is best known as the place to call for anyone suffering from a reputation crisis. Status Labs specializes in fixing their client’s digital reputation on social media and in Google search results. Darius Fisher has said in interviews that key executives should proactively protect their digital reputation by ensuring that engaging, informative and positive content about the individual dominates Google’s search results. This is where Status Labs comes in; they create social media profiles, press releases and other content that highlights their client’s career achievements. This tactic keeps the first page of Google’s search results populated with information about Status lab’s client.
Status Labs benefits from the numerous interviews Darius Fisher gives to leading publications about reputation management. In a recent Huffington Post article, Fisher talks about how Status Labs helps clients deal with unfavorable photos. The firm handles PR after damaging photos, in addition to seeing search engines will remove the photo from search results. The services Status Labs provide are extremely relevant today as public figures frequently find themselves defending themselves online. Digital news outlets and social media platforms expose damaging information at lightning fast speed, which is why people turn to Status Labs, since they respond just as rapidly. The firm also proactively protects the reputation of corporations and their key executives as well as offering rebranding services. Follow Status Labs on Twitter @statuslabs to see what else they’re up to.

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