Handy Offers New Level Of Service In Time For Spring Cleaning

Loads of people are just finding out about what Handy offers, and they seem to be eating it up as much as they possibly can. Handy is one of the best ideas to spring forth from the business world in years, for their services are helping the public and working class on numerous levels. If you are not already familiar with what they provide, they house an ever-growing team of freelance cleaners and handymen that are sent out to fill booking needs via a mobile app. Customers perform a search for the type of cleaning or repair service that they are in need of, and a Handy employee claims it and fills their need at the agreed upon time.

People cannot stop saying enough good things about Handy, on both the customer and employee sides. It is rare to find a job that allows you to work whenever you want to, and fr such a competitive pay rate. Handy employees are getting between $15 to $22 an hour, averaging around $18 in most cases. According to an article I read about the company, 85% of their revenue comes form cleaning services, whereas the other 15% comes from their handyman services. Now that Handy offers cleaning and repair services in 25 cities, the ability to travel and work as a freelance employee has given room for new opportunities, their workers say.

As the company expands, the amount of cities that receive service will as well, and this is just awesome for the economy. Who couldn’t use a few extra hands, or a few extra bucks? Whether you are still in school, a stay at home parent, or retired, a few Handy jobs a week could mean the difference between having your rent covered or not. No wonder they have had over 200,000 applicants since their startup. With over a million dollars in revenue every week, it is apparent that customers are just as happy with having Handy around as well. They have revolutionized the cleaning service market and quite literally put it into the palms off their customers via their mobile app.

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