Securus Technologies Gets Positive Reviews From Prisons and Jails

Securus Technologies has recently published a press release that included information on comments from clients. This IT company provides communication solutions for jails, prisons and other types of correctional institutions in North America. Securus Technologies has received a large volume of emails from such facilities that are very thankful for the firm’s products and services. More specifically, the emails include positive reviews about the company’s role in reducing crime inside correctional facilities and in communities throughout the U.S.A.

Securus Technologies understands that it’s important for its clients to launch surveillance programs on suspicious inmates. Therefore, this enterprise integrates various types of installations that can monitor phone calls and emails that are handled by inmates. For example, most jails and prisons scan all of the emails that are delivered to incarcerated individuals. Securus Technologies gives its clients the tools that are needed to accelerate the review process of emails. Similarly, this firm offers technology that can identify suspicious patterns in phone calls.

Securus Technologies holds its primary headquarters in Dallas, Texas. This IT company works with more than 3,400 correctional facilities in the U.S.A. Securus Technologies reaches out to over 1.2 million inmates nationwide. This firm even has special facilities that are used primarily to research and develop new software and hardware for the criminal justice sector in North America.

Securus Technologies often invites representatives from jails and prisons to check out the company’s latest ideas, products and services in the making. Of course, Securus Technologies also provides discounts and other great deals to loyal clients who seek the most powerful IT solutions for crime prevention. This company is proud to deliver reliable telecommunication services that can enrich the lives of inmates. At the same time, Securus Technologies also realizes that jails and prisons must invade the privacy of inmates for the sake of preventing crimes.


Securus Helps Us Deal With The Jail

Securus has been perfect for us because they help us deal with the jail from the outside. It is very hard for us to know what is going on in the jail because we are not there, but we learn things about the jail when we talk to friends and family over Securus. Securus has all the forms that we need to use to file grievances against the jail, and they file them electronically for people like me.

Our family has filed a couple complaints about things going on at the jail, and we have heard a response pretty soon after sending the information in. We have told our family members how to do this for other jails around the country, and we even have a family member who is a police officer who said this is the best way to do this. It is all about making sure that people who are in jail are safe and get the right treatment.

The treatment that we hear about has improved every time we use Securus to file the complaints about the jail, and we have heard from family that things are getting better. Securus has the video calling system that works for everyone, and they also have a way for us to communicate with the jail. We have picked out all the forms on their website because it is so much easier than working with the jail’s website, and we get them sent in immediately.

I would tell any family member to trust Securus because I think that is much more helpful than trying to do things the traditional way. There are just too many things that you run into when you do not use Securus. Securus has made it possible for anyone to file paperwork at the jail to complain about prison conditions.

Securus Has Created A Better Video Call Network

Securus is a great app that I have been using for a couple weeks because I just had to see my sister. I discovered this app from reading PR Newswire’s articles. The trouble is that she is in jail halfway across the country. I wanted to be able to have a face to face conversation with my sister, and that is what Securus [see,] has provided. They have put in all the cameras and the technology, and they have produced an app that is easy to use. I taught my kids how to use this app so that they can check in with their fun aunt, and we are all talking to her once a week on one call.

I have been really happy with the way that Securus app works, and I wanted to be sure that I could chat with her without any real worries. The chats that we have are a lot of fun, and I can see that she is still feeling well. I can always help her when she is not feeling well, and being able to see her on the video call is really nice. It helps to be able to talk to her, and I can just turn on the app when I am ready.

We are always ready to talk, and sometimes I just get the whole family ready to go so that we can talk. We can all sit around to see her, and we can have real chats without actually having to go to the jail. It is way too far for the kids to travel, and we still get to see my sister. I have felt very good about the way that this works, and I have gotten the whole family in on the act. We just pick my sister in the app, and we have her on camera quickly.

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