Diversant: Looking for That Something Special

When it comes to Diversant and especially John Goullet, they look for special traits and special qualities in people. They look for something that separates them from the pack. They are very skilled at this and have quite a knack for it. That is why they have a leadership and advisory board because they all work together as a team to look at each and every individual. One of the things I admire most about them is the fact that they give everyone a fair shake. No one gets special privileges and no one gets a free pass. Everyone is judged the same way no matter where they come from or what their history is.

They just want to find the right person for the right company. Sometimes, they know it right away and sometimes they don’t figure it out until later on, but they will do their due diligence and research. What I really like about them is they look beyond the resume and beyond what the person has accomplished. They look at their personality and their mental makeup. Can they handle the job? Are they suited for it? Will they pass the test? How will they hold up in the job?

They try to get inside the person’s head and find out what they are really about and what they stand for and what is important to them. After all, the person is what they are looking for, as they know the skills are there or they wouldn’t be interviewing them. The person and the resume need to work hand-in-hand, but they tend to lend more on the personality traits when it comes to equal resumes. If there is anyone that can spot a diamond in the rough, it is John Goullet, he just seems to have an eye for talent and an eye for what someone can and can’t do. He has seen a lot of people, experienced a lot, and his experience and knowledge is what makes him so valuable at Diversant. When they are at a crossroads on a decision, they know he will have an answer.

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