George Soros Back In The Political Scene

George Soros has emerged to be one of the top funders of Democratic politics. The billionaire who significantly reduced his political giving since he spent $27 million in a bid to defeat President Bush is now slowly reappearing in the political scene. Democrats have received over $25 million from Soros to boost Clinton and other Democrats candidates and causes. His associates revealed that he is to give even more within the year.

Soros has amassed a wealth estimated at $24.7 billion. The self-made millionaire was born in Budapest in 1930. He fled the Nazis occupation and fled for England in 1947. This is where he got his economics studies at the London School of Economics. He settled in the US where has managed to gather a large amount of wealth.

Soros has a 25-year relationship with Clinton; he had planned to attend the Democratic convention to watch Clinton accept her presidential nomination but failed due to a work related constraint. George Soros seems to be more politically engaged now more than he had been in years. Soros is the founder and chairman of Open Society, an organization which is based on the idea of a society where the government is accountable; rights are respected, and no one has the monopoly of truth. This makes this organization one of the most outstanding philanthropic organizations in history.

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George Soros has done great charitable deeds all over the world. He has however been involved in some political instances on Forbes. This year he has been specifically more engaged in politics. His campaign for the Democrats was evident through his generous donations. Soros has also combined efforts with African-American lawyers, the liberal hedge and racial justice groups in a bid to see black prosecutors in the American courts. This is in response to what they consider to be an insufficient reaction on by incumbent district attorneys to cases of police killing black people.

Soros has contributed significantly to the global community as a philanthropist. He has also provided $2 million in an attempt to defeat Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpia in Arizona. This is just one of his spending in local law enforcement over the past one year. He continues to impact the world through his endless philanthropic deed through the Open Society Foundation. Soros has been politically involved in championing the rights of the oppressed or the minor groups. His financial power makes him one of the most influential individuals. George Soros has spent millions of dollars in a bid to see her Democrat candidate succeed. More information on