Kenneth Goodgame Is A Leader In The World Of Consumer Goods And Merchandising

Kenneth Goodgame, is a leader who is highly influential in Operations Management, and specializes in creating both million and billion-dollar in OEM excellence, and a combination of merchandising and innovative marketing, as well as smart business strategies and streamlined financial oversights. The focus of Kenneth Goodgame, is to create a balance between employee engagement, corporate alignment, quality assurance systems and key performance indicators that can be used to enable improved profitability and performance. Goodgame always capitalizes his abilities in promoting growth in quality improvements, leadership, composed negotiations, cost analysis, productivity enhancements and composed negotiations. Extensive Experience helps in giving Goodgame a veteran’s eye when it comes to being able to avoid costly stalls and mistakes that are frequently missed by many, and how to navigate through market shifts.

After earning his bachelor’s degree for the University of Tennessee in Marketing, Kenneth Goodgame began his career as the director of the proprietary brands from 1999 to 2001, where he negotiated, conceived and executed the first of its kind nationwide deal for John Deere to sale and manufacture consumer tractors and mowers. He also conducted a successful product launch of the RIDGID brand and launched and designed the 20 SKU Husky Air Tool program during his time in this role. While working as the Director for Proprietary Brands, he also had a role at The Home Depot located in Atlanta, Georgia, where he stayed from 1994 to 2002, where he became the Senior Global Product Merchant from 2001 to 2002. He has also held positions with Newell Rubbermaid in Huntersville, NC, as the Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Sales and the General Manager, The Techtronic Industries of North America in Anderson, SC where he was the President for both the Baja Motorsports and Direct Tools Factory Outlets, and at the Ace Hardware Corporation in Oak Brook, IL as the General Merchandising Manager. Following his time at the Ace Hardware Corporation, he became the Chief Merchandising Officer and Senior Vice President for the True Value Hardware Corporation in Chicago, IL, where he held the position from 2013 to 2015, this being his last known position held.

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