The Current Success and Future Expansion of Fabletics

The brand of Fabletics has been in the retail industry since 2013. Up to date, Fabletics is worth more than $250 million and is deemed an iconic brand by its vast client base. As a brand, Fabletics achieved a lot, and in the process, it set the bar higher for other brands in the same industry.


The success that Fabletics has achieved so far is due to a number of factors. At first, the company had an issue with the quality of the products they had ordered. The brand had the goal of presenting only the highest quality to its clients, and so the hurdle had the company launch six months later that supposed to. After the start, however, Fabletics gained a strong momentum. The athleisure brand has a capable leader in the face of American actress Kate Hudson who has been incredibly active in the brand since day one.


Currently, Fabletics has a strong social media presence and is networking with a vast number of social media influencers as well as other celebrities. Demi Lovato was one of them. The brand of Fabletics started working with the performer last year an Demi Lovato is one of the most active supporters of what Fabrics as a brand stands for. Fabletics, working in the sphere of athletic wear for women, stands for empowerment and helping women feel strong and healthy, and becoming the best they can be.


Fabletics has been taking an active part in a number of fundraisers this year. In October, the brand partnered up with a big foundation for the cause of defeating breast cancer. Fabletics was selling FTBC-branded clothing and outfits all throughout the month of October this year to help raise money for charity and research and to spread awareness. Kate Hudson has been heavily involved in the fundraising efforts outside of the brand as well.


All in all, Fabletics is a brand that moves forward. It has been recognized for its crowd leveraging as well as for the client data collection at which Fabletics is a leader among retailers. Data collection about the clients of a retailer is extremely important as it allows for a personalized experience for the customer. Fabletics collects data about every move a client makes on their website. That allows the brand the analyze every strong and weak point and improve immensely. Very few retailers online are as good at the game as Fabletics are.


As a brand, Fabletics has been improving upon their products as well.In the summer of 2017, the label came out with a footwear line which will be expanded gradually from now on. Fabletics is also planning to have a physical expansion which means that it will be established more physical stores of brick and mortar.


Up to date, Fabletics has physical stores in the United States in some of the busiest shopping centers and cities. Over the next year, the brand f Fabletics will be setting up shop in many other locations as well according the demand.